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100% soilless growing medium!

Sustainable & environmental friendly alternative

Coir Fiber Grow Bag

The coir fiber grow bags are rated among the most excellent products for hydroponic crop production. We have open-type as well as closed-type grow bags.

We have the ability to customise the size and dimensions of the grow bag based on client demand. The coir fiber grow bags are ideal for plant substrates for soil less cultivation, largely used greenhouses to grow a variety of vegetables, fruits and flowers. The husk chips used in the coir grow bags are 100% biodegradable. The closed-type bag is ideal to plant cluster of plants for mass cultivation in greenhouses while open-type grow bags are mainly used in small nurseries. The open-type grow bags are designed in such a way to hold one or two cultivations.


  • ✓ Saves time and the laborious task of filling the media in planters
  • ✓ Easy to transport and install
  • ✓ Enables fast and healthy root development
  • ✓ Stable pH and EC values
  • ✓ Rapid dense root growth
  • ✓ Simple application and 100% biodegradable


Greenhouses, small gardens and nurseries

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