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100% soilless growing medium!

Sustainable & environmental friendly alternative

Coir Mulch

Coir mulch is the interior portion of the coconut shell and is a completely natural by-product of coconut. They are rich brown, lightweight blocks that expand on coming in contact with water.

Ten pounds of coir expands to two cubic feet of mulch. We at Mr. B Green, manufacturers of coir mulch offer mulch that is organic, renewable and biodegradable. We offer them in various sizes such as 2cm, 8cm and 15cm. Coir mulch is a great way to increase soil quality. It has a great moisture holding capacity.


  • ✓ 100% natural
  • ✓ Rich brown
  • ✓ Lightweight
  • ✓ Expands with moisture
  • ✓ Organic, renewable
  • ✓ Range of sizes available
  • ✓ Excellent moisture holding capacity


Home use and professional gardens.

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