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Coir Rope (2 & 3 ply)

We are manufacturers and suppliers of curled coir rope made from matured brown coco fiber. We employ latest techniques and export the finest coir products to global markets.

Our range of curled coir ropes is extremely rugged and durable. We offer coir ropes in 2 ply and 3 ply thickness variants. It finds great application in home textile, household and industrial sector. The ropes are packaged in spools weighing roughly 30-35 kilograms. The coconut fiber used in the manufacturing process is eco-friendly, durable and cost-effective. It can be used to produce rubberised sheets for mattresses, upholstery, cushions, carpets and padding for car seats for automobiles.


  • ✓ High strength
  • ✓ Long-lasting life
  • ✓ Available in 2 ply and 3 ply thickness
  • ✓ Eco-friendly
  • ✓ Packaged in spools


Household and industrial sector, automobile upholstery, erosion control, shipping and fishing industries.

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